How to Find Motivation



There are times when you feel that there is no point in following your dreams.

A few days ago for some reason, I just felt with lack of motivation and I felt that I wanted to throw my towel. Then I thought that many of you might go through the same situation sometimes so I decided to write about How to Find Motivation.

This could be because you feel sometimes so behind in life comparing to other people you know. Or you feel that you are getting so old so fast and that time is passing by, and that you won´t have enough time to do all you want to do in this life time. You might be also feeling that some people don’t even understand what you are trying to do in life and that pursuing your dreams is childish….so should you  even bother to continue fighting for your dreams?

Have you ever felt this way?… I know I have and many many times!

When we are not motivated, we put everything on hold (your goals /your dreams) and also you start doing things that other people think are better for you. Things such as to work a 9 to 5 job as an accountant, lawyer, doctor or engineer, get married and have children before you turn 35 years old.

How to Find Motivation

I know that most of us get to feel some lack of motivation here and there but for some of us this happens more often  than we would like to, but something I’m proud of myself is that I have come to understand my feelings better and now I’m able to catch myself when I’m in this horrible state of mind.

 I feel that now I’m able to determine when I’m lacking motivation and I try get out of this as soon as possible with all the tools I’ve found work best for me and I think they will work just as great for you too.

So here I share what I do to Find Motivation to help myself feel like I want to conquer the world again!!

Close your eyes for  5 seconds

 This is the number one thing I do, so take a deep breath…very deep breath, and smile…smile to yourself. Be grateful for being alive and having this precious time dedicated to your well being. (do it now) you will feel at least 1% better I promise you 😉


Personal development books to me are an amazing treasure in this life. There have been so many books that have touched me and literally have change the way I think and have moved me so much that have shaped my life.

I try to buy one motivational book a month and I keep my night stand always stack with 3 books to read. I am currently reading “Who will cry when you die?” By Robyn Sharma and one that I read not too long ago was one of Tony Robbins oldest books Awaken the Giant.

 I will include quotes as part of my reading routine. I read quotes many times a week and now I understand why people write great quotes on post its and put them on the walls or on the mirrors. You could also  create a board on pinterest dedicated to motivational quotes. I go through them any time I need a little motivational boost. This is my pinterest board  in case you would like to go through mine and pin the quotes I have.


My fave quote

Motivation, quote

Video Therapy

There are other times where I get my Motivational caffeine by either watching a movie. My fave motivational movies are “The pursuit of happiness”, “Working girl”, “Men of honor” and  “The devils wears prada”.  

Besides  cinematherapy, I also like to watch  small motivational videos that I’ve found on Youtube. These are ted talks and copilations from great motivational speeches. I keep adding them to my motivational list so I can have them handy when I need them.

Click here to get access to My Playlist so you can see the videos I watch to find motivation. Below I share what I believe is one of the best short motivational videos.  I beg you to at least watch this one,It will shift your mindset instantly.


I’m sure that If you do at least one of the things I mention today, You will change your perspective on how you look at things in this moment. This is all you need to feel better and to be ready to fight for your dreams again.

I hope this post can be useful to you…. please let me know if you already do these things and How do you feel after doing them. 

If you have different motivational movies or books that you think might be of great help please share below

With all my love,



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    Thanks, great article.

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      Thank you. I’m happy you liked it!