My Skin Care Routine- Simple and Budget Friendly

Hello my beautiful friends!

In this post I’ll be sharing my face skin care routine!

My routine is pretty simple and budget friendly, I really don’t use expensive products for my skin, eventhough I ‘ve tried name brands I’m ussually dissapointed with the results, so pretty much I always stick to the products that I’ll mention below.

Since I was a teenager I’ve been very disciplined in taking care of my skin.

This actually started because my mom was very addicted to magazines and she passed that addictiveness to me…lol…  so through reading so many magazines is how I learned the importance of taking care of your facial skin.

OMG…I just remember the first time I asked my mom to buy me my first clear and clear face wash! 

I’m very obsessed with Korean beauty market,  I read a lot about the whole Korean skin care regimen but I don’t think buying 10 different products are necessary to take care of your skin, I also don’t believe that it’s necessary buy expensive skin care products.

I believe if you do it right and consistently is what is gonna get you the results. I have combination skin so the routine that you will read below is what works for me at the moment.

My Steps:

1. Face Wash: I start by applying my Neutrogena face wash (oldie but goodie) on my hand and rubbing my hand to make a lot of foam. I make sure I have enough foam on my hands before starting applying on my face, this is very important because the foam will clean the pores and it will do it gently and it will take the excess sebum from your pores. I apply it by gently massaging my face with my fingers. Then I rinse it out.

2. Exfoliation: I exfoliate my face with a sugar scrub that I make every other day, what is left of the scrub I place it on the fridge to keep it fresh. I make the scrub by mixing sugar, honey and lemon until it has a paste like consistency. I rinse it out with luke warm water or room temperature water when I´m in tropical weather. (at the moment I live in Panama)

3. Face Massage with oil: Then, I use olive oil to massage my face and drain my lymphatic nodes. I gently put a little bit of pressure with two of my fingers on my face,  doing circular motions pretty much against gravity. After doing this, I always notice how my face looks a little red especially on my cheek area but I love to see this…this means there is more blood circulating and guess what?  You know it…collagen production and guess what? You know it…youthful skin

After I massage my face (which the time could be from 2 mins to 10 depending on how much time I have) I wash my face with my cleanser one more time.

4. Toner:  I apply toner with a cotton pad. What I’m using right now as toner is rose water and I really like it. The only thing with the rose water is that it has such a strong smell for me and it makes me sneeze everytime I use it…lol

5. Moisturizer: I finish by applying moisturizer. I use  Ponds hydrating cream and I swear by it!! Now…I know…you’ll probably will be embarrassed to buy Ponds because we think that this cream is only for old people but I don’t care and let me tell you girl!! My grandma is almost 80 and she doesn’t have wrinkles.

Some of you might be doing some of this steps in your own routine and the might be some steps that you’d like to add to your current routine. In any instance, I’m happy to share with you my routine, this has been fun.

Lastly, I don’t want to end this post without telling you this: In my experience when it comes to products for the face I really don’t like to recommend any  because what could work for me might not necessarily work for you vice versa. I always experiment with a lot of caution when it comes to my face skin,  So please do the same 🙂

As much as possible always try to stick to natural products for your skin!

Do any of you ladies uses Ponds products on your routine? Do you have any other tips that you would like to share?

With all my love,

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