Review: Loreal Mascara Miss Manga

Manga Loreal

Have you ever went running to a store after watching a commercial of a new mascara that promises to give you longer  or voluminous lashes, and once you try it you don’t see a difference!. To me – as probably to many of you as well- leaving the house without applying some mascara is a SIN!. As soon as I got it, I ripped the packaged and applied it on my lashes…. and OMG…I was very impressed on how it made my lashes look!

I’ve wasted money buying mascaras that promise the same (long and voluminous lashes) and they don’t work!! so now every time a cosmetic brand launches a new mascara, I’m very skeptical about it.

When I compared it to other mascaras I currently own, one of the main features of this mascara is that it has a 360 flexor brush and this is what helps to build volume with high intensity.

So this will be a mascara that I will be buying over and over again, to me this is one of the best on the market right now, so if you have been looking for a good mascara I would recommend this one with my eyes with voluminous lashes closed!!!  😉

Are there any other mascaras that you girls think are worth trying?

Til the next time…

with love,