Taking Time for Yourself


For a few days I wasn’t feeling well. I was feeling  burnt out and that was impacting negatively in my life. I wasn’t sleeping well and eating well either. I was also moody and having anxiety attacks.

So I decided to take some days off from work and have some “ME” time.

When I told some people I was going to do that, I felt awkward because they would ask me if I was going to a resort or if I was going to travel and since my answer was “no, I’m going to spend time in solitude”, they would look at me as if I was weird 🙁

But after some research I actually found an article on Oprah’s life class website that talks about the importance and benefits of spending some time alone. (you will find the link below)

My main goal for taking this time off, was to take care of myself. So you may ask what I have been doing all these days at home in solitude?

Well I have been:

Reading: I had a couple of personal development books that I started reading long time ago, but I hadn’t had the time to finish them so I have been reading them in the morning while drinking my coffee and a little bit more before I go to bed.

Practicing Yoga and Meditation: I wanted  to reduce my stress so I wanted to get serious in my yoga practice and meditation so from now on, I want to make sure I do it every single day but I knew I needed some time to get into the habit of doing this everyday, so first I do meditation early in the morning and around 10 am I do Yoga.

Watching inspirational Videos and Ted Talks: there is something about these videos that they just make you feel great after watching them, they shift your mindset into beautiful state of mind.

Learning: I have been taking an online photography course, which made me realize how beautiful is this discipline. I am a lifelong learner so I am always looking for new things to learn.

After all these days at home, I feel I can think clearly, I feel refreshed and re-charged. I love the feeling of taking back control of my life so I would recommend to do this if your boss allows you to, because it will made a positive impact in your work and your everyday life.

Thanks for spending some time with me… 🙂

click here to read Oprah’s article

With all my love,



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